Forget About Agile: It’s Not a Silver Bullet for Failing Teams

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3 min readSep 27, 2023


Agile isn't going to help you now!

Many businesses turn to agile methodologies as a cure-all when development teams consistently fail to deliver products to market. However, simply adopting agile practices like sprints, daily stand-ups or kanban boards will not necessarily get stagnant teams unstuck. Real transformation requires clear eyes, fresh perspectives and knowledge from outside the stagnant team.

The Limits of Agile Alone

Agile provides an effective framework for streamlining development processes into iterative cycles. When thoughtfully implemented, practices like breaking projects into focused sprints, daily standups for coordination, and visual boards to track progress can boost a team’s productivity and deployment velocity.

However, agile practices alone don’t address underlying team dynamics, skill deficiencies or process breakdowns that often thwart delivery:

  • Sprints drive increment delivery but don’t fix poor intra-team coordination or lack of end-to-end ownership.
  • Standups provide visibility but don’t address gaps in technical or domain knowledge.
  • Story point estimation indicates complexity but doesn’t solve inaccurate scoping or planning.

While agile practices help streamline processes, they cannot resolve fundamental issues stalling teams. Real change requires honest assessment of root causes.

The Blind Spots of Insular Teams

Insular teams working together for years develop blind spots that prevent them from recognising where processes are breaking down, where knowledge or skills are lacking, and what dynamics are not conducive to high performance.

Being immersed day-to-day makes it hard to step back and identify systemic bottlenecks objectively. The echo chamber of the same internal voices perpetuates stagnation rather than prompting introspection on what needs to change.

Without outside perspective, teams either misdiagnose their real issues or assume the good old “that’s how we’ve always done it.” They lack impetus and direction to improve.

The Value of an Outside Consultant

Bringing in an experienced consultant from outside the organisation can provide the clear eyes and fresh perspective needed to turn teams around. A seasoned consultant has worked with diverse clients across many industries and brings best practices gleaned from this breadth of experience.

They have deep expertise built over years of consulting engagements focused on execution, delivery and results.

An outside consultant can rapidly assess team dynamics and identify gaps holding back performance. They detect areas where agile practices have deteriorated into empty rituals rather than drivers of productivity.

Beyond objective assessment, an experienced consultant can uplift a team’s capabilities in not only critical agile roles and processes, but in simply getting the job done and delivered.

The Knowledge Infusion a Consultant Brings

Unlike insular teams stuck in their ways, an outside consultant brings perspective into the latest architectures, tools and techniques required to deliver complex digital products.

Drawing on experience driving results across many companies, consultants can propose changes to team structure, workflows, and communication schemes to unlock productivity.

They facilitate knowledge transfer of new skills and ways of working so that positive changes stick beyond the engagement.

Partnering for Transformation

Partnering with an experienced digital transformation consultant jumpstarts change through objective assessment, high-impact training and instilling modern development practices.

With their outside expertise, organisations can finally help good teams work together more effectively to deliver products that drive the business forward.

Agile provides helpful process framework, but real change requires fresh eyes, hard truths and knowledge from beyond the stagnant team’s echo chamber.

As we navigate the intricate maze of software development, one thing becomes clear: it’s a journey filled with unexpected twists and turns, and agile is not going to fix your teams problems. While agile methodologies lay a solid foundation, the path to true excellence often feels like trying to assemble flat-pack furniture without the instructions. Sometimes, you need a friendly voice from the outside to help you figure out where that mysterious screw goes.

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